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Art & Artisan Laboratory in Florence

A new way of learning the tradition and know-how of artisan laboratories.

A professional art space offering artisan laboratories, to learn the culture and professional techniques in the fields of textiles, fashion and jewelry making.

Our Laboratories

Laboratorio Firenze aims to revive the tradition of applied arts that is so relevant in the history of Florence.

Each laboratory corresponds to a structured program level that starts from the exploration of ideas, concepts, projects and experiments with techniques that will enhance your CV.

It is possible to earn university credits through participation in our laboratories.

Laboratorio Firenze collaborates with leading American universities as well as fashion and art schools.

Textile Printing

These Laboratories explore the practical applications of the printing and design process in fashion and how they can be applied to actual product development.


Textile Design laboratories include:

Textile DesignSilk-screening | Batik | Shibori


These laboratories are aimed at all those interested in the world of textiles applied to fashion, seen as artistic expression.

Fashion laboratories include:

Fashion designDraping on the stand | Pattern making | Sewing | Italian Fashion History

Jewellery Design

Perfect for experimentation with all the most commonly used settings in jewellery making. This course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge on the use of tools and stones with the various methods and setting types. Precision and attention-to-detail are first and foremost the skills a jeweller must possess.

Jewellery laboratories include:

Jewellery MakingJewellery Design3D/CAD jewellery design | EngravingWax modelling and microfusionHot and cold enamelStone setting | GemmologyHistory of Florentine Jewellery

Analog Photography

Students will carry out practical work on the process of developing black and white films, from the preparation of chemicals to darkroom printing on photographic paper.

Photography laboratories include:

Introduction to analog photography: film development and printingExperimental techniques of photography | Short laboratorio of printing technique: cyanotype



In these laboratories, participants acquire the necessary skills for the development of paintings, drawings, as well as artist books.

Art laboratories include:

Silkscreen art bookVeiled Beauty: the Art of Representing Drapery | Renaissance Painting Techniques


Motivated by the knowledge of our respective professions, we are a group of artists who have created a wonderful space where every artisan technique can be transformed into art.

Each student is closely supervised by his or her tutor, from the very start of the course until the completion of their work or project.

Under the tutor’s guidance, students are encouraged to explore their creativity in a unique historical context like Florence, cradle of the Renaissance.


Textile Designers
Fashion Designers
Jewellery Designers
Visual Artists

Florence, Tuscany and our Laboratorio

On a global level, Florence represents a unique historical model: here concentrated in a small urban space are the most important artistic and architectural works of one of the most fascinating moments in human history, the Renaissance.

Study in the heart of Florence!

Being able to study and practice the “art of craftsmanship” in a similar context with Laboratorio Firenze, means opening the doors to a future full of creativity.

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